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Live baby chickens for sale from a variety of hatcheries. eFowl is a marketplace where many farms, hatcheries, supply companies, and brands list their products. You can compare prices, read reviews, and see photos of chicken breeds for sale, a bunch of other types of poultry, coops, equipment, and more.

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Baby chicks are a fun way to get involved with sustainable agriculture.

Raising baby chicks into laying hens have several key benefits.  You will get healthy, delicious, and nutritious fresh eggs everyday.  You will be living a sustainable lifestyle by being close to your food, and practicing self sufficiency.  Also, you will have amazing pet chickens and new friends.  Check out baby chicks for sale!

Why live chickens for sale here?

We are not a retailer or a hatchery.  eFowl simply seeks to educate backyard chicken owners, and introduce pastured poultry to new segments of sustainable agriculture.  Our goal is to guide you on the best place to purchase live chicks, equip your operation, and succeed in your sustainability endeavors.  We earn a commission from some of the farms and hatcheries that work with us, when you purchase directly from the hatchery.  This enables eFowl to bring you the best educational and innovative content and products.

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It is fast, free, and easy to create a listing for your family farm, hatchery, farm supply store, or equipment brand. We are growing rapidly, and our massive user base is looking to connect with local suppliers of live poultry products, supplies, and food products. Easily grow your brand and gain valuable sales traffic by becoming an eFowl vendor today.

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