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I started Ed’s Farm Fresh Eggs almost 4 years ago on a 5 acre farm in Topeka, KS to sell farm fresh eggs from pasture raised hens in my local community. I chose eFowl because of the simplicity of the site. Most websites make it difficult, if not impossible to place an order for chicks. With eFowl I can place an order online in just 5 minutes. eFowl has impressive and consistent communication, sending shipping notifications and reminder texts to make sure I'm ready for my birds. eFowl always goes above and beyond.
- Ed P., Ed’s Fresh Eggs, Topeka, KS
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Did you know that we work with hatcheries to ship chicks year round!? We also have nest boxes, feeders, waterers, coops, feed supplements, and chicken treats available all Fall and Winter.

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A New Way to Buy and Sell Poultry Online

Buying baby chicks, livestock, and supplies has changed drastically since the days of mail order catalogs and newspaper classifieds. You have to browse and choose from countless websites and hatcheries. Well, what if there was a site that allowed you to browse all the hatchery catalogs and even find local options for poultry and supplies? Find your favorite breeds from your preferred hatchery or sell your own hatching eggs or chicks online!

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Learn all about raising chickens and other types of poultry on the eFowl Blog. We will post seasonal articles related to raising poultry and the difficulties you may encounter as a pastured poultry farmer. Don't worry, we have plenty of fun and entertaining articles as well. Check out our library of helpful eBooks and Careguides

We have been so pleased with eFowl. Our first order of chicks was last spring and they were all wonderfully healthy and laying us beautiful, tasty eggs. Our most recent order of chicks are just a few weeks old now....We love our chicks!
- Ashley B., Hallsville, TX