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Chickens and Ducks for Sale at eFowl! is where to buy Chickens, Ducks, Goslings, Gamebirds, Call Ducks, and Rare Fowl - including Mallard Ducks, Wyandotte Chickens, Cornish Chickens, Ringneck Pheasant and much more! We have made buying poultry easy!

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  • We operate a network of farms and poultry hatcheries. Thus, we will always ship your order from a location as geographically close to you as possible. This minimizes your cost as well as the risks associated with shipping live birds!
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  • All of our ducks, chickens and other birds for sale adhere to rigorous quality standards, fully complying with the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP).
  • All of our chickens, ducks, and other birds for sale are expertly packaged and shipped from a location close to you to ensure safe and comfortable arrival.
  • offers a comprehensive Live Arrival Guarantee when you buy a duck, chicken, goose, or any other live poultry. is truly the best place on the web to browse, compare, and purchase poultry of any kind.

Falcated Teal Ducks Pairs Octagon 40 Advance Incubator EX Package, Octagon Advance Chicken Egg Incubator, Advance Poultry Incubator, Humidity Pump Bluebird Manor House hand made from Cypress in the USA | Heartwood Products at
Falcated Teal Duck Pairs
1 Male/Female Juvenile Pair for $314.99
Octagon 40 Advance Incubator EX Package
Price: $699.99
Holiday Sale $599.99
Buy Barred Plymouth Rock Started Pullets, Barred Plymouth Rock Chickens for Sale, Barred Plymouth Rock Chicken Image Picture Octagon 40 Advance Incubator with Autoturn Cradle, Octagon Advance Chicken Egg Incubator, Advance Poultry Incubator Garden Coop Chicken Coop Plans for Sale - Download the Garden Coop Chicken Coop Design
Octagon 40 Advance Incubator with Autoturn Cradle
Price: $599.99
Holiday Sale $499.99
Northern Pintaill Ducks Pairs Pekin Ducks for Sale, Pekin Ducklings, Pekin Duck Image Octagon 20 Advance Classroom Pack, Octagon 20 Advance Chicken Egg Incubator, Eco Poultry Incubator
Northern Pintail Duck Pairs
1 Male/Female Juvenile Pair for $142.99
Pekin Ducks
Price: $5.49

Octagon 20 Advance Classroom Pack
Price: $499.99
Holiday Sale $429.99
Big Ol' Chicken Coop (5-7 Hens) images. Backyard Poultry House Silver Laced Wyandotte Chicks, Silver Wyandotte Chickens for Sale, Silver Laced Wyandotte Chicken Image Picture Jumbo Pekin Ducks for Sale, Jumbo Pekin Ducklings
Jumbo Pekin Ducks
Price: $7.79