Backyard Ducks are Saved

UPDATE: Backyard Ducks are Saved!


Ducks are thrilled that they are now allowed in Huntington, NY

A few weeks ago we explained a legal battle where Huntington, NY duck owners Nina Tam and her daughter Ava Post were battling local regulations to allow them to keep their small, domestic flock of birds.  Like many duck owners across the country, they utilize their egg laying ducks to provide them with a safe and healthy alternative to chicken eggs.  Nina Tam has a food allergy to chicken eggs, and duck eggs have offered the perfect nutritional solution.

We are happy to report that this brave duo succeeded in going through the appropriate legislative channels to have their local regulations changed such that up to 8 ducks can now be owned in the town of Huntington, NY.  Through the use of social media such as a Facebook page and an online petition, Nina Tam and Ava Post were able to garner enough support to form a cohesive argument as to why their flock is not a nuisance, and should be allowed to remain.

This victory follows a rising trend of legalizing backyard poultry.

We at would like to congratulate Nina and Ava for opening the door for so many to enjoy this environmental and engaging hobby.

The Duck Amendment will be announced at a Town Hall Board meeting at 7pm on January 12th at 100 Main St. Huntington, NY.

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