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The 7 Silicon Valley’s Favorite Chicken Breeds

As we all know having a luxury chicken as a status symbol isn’t a privilege of the elite of Silicon Valley anymore. However, which breeds are the ones that they like the most? You may be surprised to find out that they like some of your favorites!


Leghorn chicken for eggs

Why Silicon Valley likes them: Easy to take care of.

We’ve talked about them before because of how easy it is to take care of them. This beloved Italian breed is a good egg producer and they’re the chickens that “look the most like chickens”.

Although not a fancy breed, it’s no wonder the Leghorn is a favorite Silicon Valley starter breed! While they’re not luxury chickens per se, it’s not surprising to see the Washington Post listing them as a favorite starter chicken. They’re tough and perfect for beginners.

Easter Eggers

Easter Egger Chicks for Sale

Why Silicon Valley likes them: Multi-colored eggs

Imagine being able to handle to your friends fresh, 100% organic, green eggs! That’s why this breed is a Silicon Valley’s favorite. A small box with some of the Araucana’s eggs (as it’s properly called) is a great luxury gift that only few can give.

They’re also sweet, hardy and some of the best egg layers out there! Since they lay a single color individually it’s common to see several as a part of a flock. The more you have, the more colors you can get!

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Jersey Giant

Why Silicon Valley likes them: Impressive size and history

The largest purebred chicken in the US certainly deserves a spot on this list. Not only do they have a rich American history, they were considered critically endangered until 2017, when their status changed to “rare”.

Owners of this magnificent luxury chicken breed are proudly rescuing a unique piece of history and helping them regain their forgotten popularity. Their owners find them to be gentle giants, being quite docile and great pets. We’re very happy to be able to offer them in our shop.

Mottled Houdan

Why Silicon Valley likes them: Unique appearence

A beautiful and impressive bird to look at, this ornamental breed is quite a luxury pet. They’re quite unique, having an unusual butterfly-shaped comb, muffs, beards, and even a fifth toe!

The Houdans are also fairly good egg layers and tend to be calm and friendly pets. This French breed is docile, unusual and useful.

Polish Chicken

Why Silicon Valley likes them: General appearence and history

While the Mottled Houdans are quite unique in their appearance the Polish are quite unique in their history. While their true origin is still a mystery we can track this breed as far as the 15th century!

They have a magnificent crest of feathers and some can be bearded as well. The Polish chickens are also great with children due to their gentle nature.

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Why Silicon Valley likes them: Friendliness and unique eggs

Like the Polish, the Barnevelders are very friendly and docile to kids and adults alike. They’re excellent mothers, and even fathers! Contrary to most breeds, their roosters are known to be friendly and nurturing to new peeps.

Although they’re not the best egg layers (from 175 to 200 a year), their eggs tend to be a unique chocolate brown color and they continue to lay well during the winter. They’re moderately rare, which is a plus when you want a unique bird.


Silkies on a backyard lawn.

Why Silicon Valley likes them: Fluffy plumage

A small bird that leaves a big impression, the Silkies have it all when it comes to luxury chickens. They have an ancient history, having famously impressed Marco Polo so much in China that he decided to bring them back to the west with him.

Their appearance is unique and fabulous, having also a fifth toe like the Houdans and long and silky feathers that wave with the wind. And yes, you can pet them! They tend to be calm and friendly, which is why they’re perfect to show off to guests who can’t wait to pat them. They’re cuddly and loving, which makes them amazing luxury pets.

Which of these Silicon Valley breeds did you like more? These aren’t just for people living in Silicon Valley! Go check them out by clicking on their names!

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