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The 5 Friendliest Chickens Breeds (Great For Kids!)

There are very few pets that can teach as much to kids as chickens. Not only can you use them to teach them how to be responsible and care for animals, they can also help you teach your kids about self-sustainability, where and how food comes from, even animal reproduction! Plus kids get excited to see the results of their work with a box full of eggs. Choosing one of the friendliest chicken breeds will be a smart choice if you have kids.

In general if you teach your kids how to handle them, most chickens will be a good fit for them. Usually the larger the breed is, the more calm and friendly they tend to be. However keep in mind that every chicken is different. Even the most aggressive breed may have a friendly rooster and the most friendly breed may have an aggressive hen. It’s all about getting to know the chickens and keeping an eye on your kids as they manage them and get to know them.

That being said, let’s check some of the friendliest breeds that can become a beloved part of your family!

Buff Orpington

Buff Orpington

We’ve talked about this breed multiple times due to their friendliness and egg production. This breed tends to be so calm and docile that you may need to keep an eye on them so other chickens won’t pick on them. They’re curious and sociable so they’re the perfect sidekick to your kids when they’re playing and exploring around. They’re great for beginners too!

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These fuzzy little chickens make everyone who sees them ask the same question: “can I pet them?”, and your kids won’t be the exception! They may look high maintenance but these birds are gentle, calm and sweet. They don’t produce as many eggs but they actively enjoy human company. A truly perfect ornamental breed.

Jersey Giant

As we said, larger breeds tend to be more calm and friendly, and the largest chicken breed isn’t an exception to the rule! They’re slow-moving and very easy to handle. Although docile, the size of this gentle giant usually prevents other chickens to pick on them and they’re also a good and easy breed to start with.

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All About Wyandotte Chickens

This intelligent breed isn’t just beautiful, is also very friendly! Your kids will find them incredibly docile and sweet. Plus you’ll like them as well since they’re good egg layers and they’re easy to introduce to a flock if you already have one.

Plymouth Rock

You and your kids will easily come to love this resilient bird. They tend to be quite calm and slow moving. These chickens are perfect to show your kids how to hold them since they won’t mind being held in the undoubtedly weird positions that your kids will subject them to. They’re cuddly and sweet, the perfect chicken for your kid to smother with love. Plus they’re also great egg producers!

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These are some of our favorite friendly chicken breeds, did we mention yours? What is your experience with them? And if you’re new to the backyard chicken world, here’s how to start.


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