the best chicken coop updates

Can You Go Through This List Without Upgrading Your Coop?

We’ve seen a lot of upgrades for your coop that are great and others not so much. These are our favorite five upgrades for you and your backyard chickens, along with the links for you to get them!

Solar Powered Predator Deterrent

deterrent coop upgrade

It takes just one lost chicken due to predators to break your heart. However if you’re like us and don’t believe in fighting violence with violence, these deterrents are just for you! These little upgrade quickly became our favorites. They’re maintenance free and work like a charm. Just check their five-star customer rating! Just install them on or near your coop at the height of the predators you want to keep away and their constant flashing will keep the danger away. Best part? Once you install them you can just forget about them. No changing batteries, no taking them off during winter season. They’re so durable they come with a 3-year guarantee and you can try them risk-free for 60 days!

Get it here.

A great little chicken coop heater

Are you getting ready for winter? This heater will make it easier! This little heater is energy efficient (only 200 watts), silent and even has a built-in thermostat. If you care about safety you’ll love this heater, which is both safer and more convenient than the typical light bulbs. With the cheap price and over 300 customer reviews giving it an average of a 4-star rating, you can’t go wrong.

Get it here.

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An automatic coop door opener

Even if you’re not an early bird your chickens certainly are! They’re eager to go out at dawn regardless of how little sleep you might’ve gotten. With this automatic door opener those days of waking up early to let them out or going out in a cold night to let them in are gone! It’s high quality design and the simple controller settings will have you wishing you had gotten this upgrade earlier. It’s sturdy, durable and convenient. The best way to automate your coop!

Get it here.

Pest-free coop bedding

This bedding mixture is the best when adding it to your favorite bedding. Not only does it help with the odor, it also helps keep your coop mite free! Their mixture of lavender and other aromatic herbs helps your chickens relax and stress free too, with a formula made to optimize egg laying. Completely safe, edible and biodegradable, and quite cheap too!

Get it here.

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Ceramic nest eggs

These eggs are both incredibly cheap and incredibly useful. Do you have some stubborn chickens that won’t lay eggs? Place these ceramic eggs in their nesting box to encourage them and see the results! They’re also very useful to show hens where to lay their eggs if they’re new or if you want to change the location. Use them to discourage chickens from eating eggs too! They’ll peck these eggs until they realize they’re not getting any reward and stop pecking the real eggs too. If you have any doubts, just check the reviews!

Get it here.

What have been your favorite upgrades to your own coop? Let us know in the comments! And if you’re looking to get a new coop altogether go check our top five!

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