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Top 4 Predator Resistant Rooster Breeds

If you want to free range your chickens, you’ll need to choose smartly so they’re not an easy predator target. One of the best ways is to have a rooster in your flock. Having a rooster has multiple benefits and one of them is that they become the guardian of the flock. You don’t want just any rooster, you’ll need a rooster from a breed that has shown to be predator resistant.

Predators are terrible for chickens and once they start coming, they won’t stop until your flock is gone. Learn how to identify the usual predators and prepare your coop as well!

Now not every single rooster from these breeds will be aggressive, just as not all golden retrievers are nice to kids or not all the chihuahas are nervous. However their genes have what they need to become a good defender of your precious flock.

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With a history of being bred for cock fighting, it’s easy to see why the Sumatra is an obvious choice. This is a gorgeous animal, also kept for exhibition. Sumatras are becoming a rare breed, probably because of their personality which is more like a wild bird than a domestic one.

Sumatras are also one of the few chickens that can still fly and the hens, although poor layers, make excellent mothers. Like the Silkies and the Ayam Cemani, their skin and bones are also black. Bred for fighting, they can become quite aggressive and even dangerous when they feel something is threatening their flock. The experienced breeder will enjoy their company and their beauty.

Easter Egger

Since they are a mix of breeds, roosters can look quite different. However it shouldn’t be hard to choose a good Easter Egger rooster. Unlike the hens, the rooster is known to be quite protective.

Although from a calm breed Easter Egger roosters’ size and personalities will make a great addition if you want protection. They’re known to become quite aggressive, even towards people! However they’re quite cheap and you know that your free range flock is under safe “hands”.

Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Red roosters are also known to be quite aggressive. They’re on the bigger side and can be quite the bully, which is what you need when protecting against predators!

An extra bonus is that you get to fertilize your Rhode Island Red chickens with great genes from the same breed, multiplying your little amazing egg layers! There are also people who breed together Rhode Island Reds and Easter Eggers to get “fox killers” although their actual capabilities are hard to verify.

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Golden Spangled Appenzeller

You wouldn’t know by looking at their small size, but these beautiful birds are fearless against predators! They’re quite agile and will fly if they have to. Like the Sumatras, you can even keep them just for their beauty. The big plus with the Appenzeller is that you can easily manage a rooster if he’s becoming too aggressive, since they’re small and light.

It goes without saying that you should always take good care of your kids when around roosters, specially aggressive ones. If you want their kids to keep chickens as pets instead, here are the friendliest chicken breeds!


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