Funny Chicken T-Shirts

The Top 10 Funny Chicken T-Shirts

Funny chicken t-shirts are all the rage right now. Something about advertising the fact that you’re a little crazy when it comes to your flock is pretty funny. However, letting the world know that you have chickens, ducks, geese, or guinea fowl also can mean a lot more. For example, you may be letting people know that –

  • You support sustainable agriculture
  • You are self sufficient
  • You play a role in the production of your own food
  • You support humane livestock production
  • You have fun and productive hobbies.

Here are some of the funniest and most entertaining t-shirts on Amazon showing your chicken and poultry enthusiasm. If you are interested in seeing the price and colors/sizes available on any of the shirts (they all range from about $5-$20), just click the image and you’ll go to Amazon to learn more.

The Top 10 Chicken T-Shirts on Amazon

  1. Learn your chicken biology.

    This t-shirt taught me the importance of the secondary wing bay.

    Who knew that each part of a chicken had a specific name? From the comb to the shank, this shirt will let everyone know that you are an educated chicken owner.

  2. Keeping your priorities straight.

    MAYBE like 3 people…let’s not get carried away.

    When your chicken flock outranks all but three people in this world, you know that you are committed to pasture raised poultry.  Good job keeping your priorities straight.

  3. Killing it!

    No matter what size or color you rock this shirt in…you’re killing it.

    Super sexy chicken ladies are more common than you’d think.  There is something about caring about how your food is produced that is super attractive.

  4. Who’s your (chicken) daddy?

    Guys aren’t immune from the crazy chicken t-shirts. Do you have what it takes to be a chicken daddy?

    Chicken daddies are also a thing, apparently.  The love that a father has for his chickens is one of the greatest forces in the world.  It takes a special kind of man to be a chicken daddy.

  5. Get your style on.

    This shirt is just cool. It may not be funny, although maybe it is in a Brooklyn hipster kind of way.

    This shirt isn’t a blatant joke like some of the others.  It is stylish and cool.  Frankly, if you wore this t-shirt in the hippest parts of town, you’d fit right in.

  6. It never gets old.

    Whether you’re 4 or 40, this joke is always applicable and in good taste.

    Playground humor never gets old.  Perhaps the first witty retort we learned as children has proved to be the only one we will ever need.

  7. Okay, we are getting dangerously close to profanity.

    Why do chicken puns lend themselves so well to pseudo-curse words?

    If you want to be needlessly offensive in public, but also want to tell people you are a little crazy for chickens while you’re at it, this is the shirt for you.

  8. The polygons… so chill.

    Show that you have an appreciation for both literature and graphic design!

    This shirt is another artistic one.  The polygonal rooster, combined with the witty poetry / poultry pun works on a couple different levels.  If you have a master’s degree in either computer science or liberal arts, but have found yourself surrounded by chickens, this is the shirt for you.

  9. Don’t judge me!

    Does anyone out there really only have three chickens?

    We could all use a bit less judgement in the world. Let’s start by asking people to reduce the amount of judgement related to backyard agricultural choices.


    Emoji looking chickens…so hot right now.

    For the next generation of chicken owners – let people know how much you love chickens without filling up your t-shirt with excessive letters and text.  Keep it simple.

There you go. Ten awesome chicken t-shirts. If y’all like this type of article, let me know in the comments and I’ll keep them coming. Keep it easy, pasture raised poultry farmers.


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