The 5 Best Chicken Coops to get in 2019

The 5 Best Chicken Coops to get in 2019

There are lots of options for chicken coops. If you’re good with tools and have some time on your hands you can always build your own coop. However, more and more people are going for a more comfortable, pre-made option. We’ve already written an entry about everything a coop should have and all of these coops check all boxes. We also took into account prices, quality and reviews. Check them out!

1. Large coop –  PawHut 124″ Dual Chicken Coop

If you’re looking for space this Pawhut Coop is the way to go. It’s 121 inches long which gives your chickens lots of space for resting and playing. It has four nesting boxes, ramps and removable litter trays to clean it up. It can house 4-5 chickens and it’s easy to modify. With an average rating of 4.5 stars in Amazon, you know you’re getting a good item.

2. Beginners in a budget – LAZYMOON 60″ Chicken Coop

This coop is perfect for beginners. Mostly used for a couple of birds, this coop has a nesting box, removable litter tray for easy cleanup and proper ventilation. The cheapest coop on the list!

3. Highly customizable – PawHut 114″ Customizable Chicken Coop 

This coop is large and easily adapts to your needs! It has a two-tier living space and enclosed spaces so your chickens can hang out safely from predators! This coop is easy to access and easy to build.

4. Highest quality – Rural365 Large Chicken Coop

This is a large and sturdy chicken coop. It’s able to hold up to 6 large chickens or 12 bantams. The removable littler tray makes cleanup fast and easy. It’s very easy to assemble, practical and durable. If you want something large and sturdy, you can’t go wrong with this one.

5. Best quality for money – Tangkula 67” Chicken Coop

Don’t let the price fool you! This small coop has everything: a ramp, removable litter tray, multiple doors and high-quality wood. It’s easy to assemble and the price is unbeatable. Great for a small flock of no more than three or four chickens.

And there you have it! Our pick for the best 5 chicken coops of 2019. Are you in between a couple? Let us know in the comments and we’ll help you decide!

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