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The 4 Best Chicken Breeds For Hot Weathers

Like a lot of us, most chickens prefer cold weather to hot weather. So much so that the wrong chicken for the heat will stop laying altogether and may even have a hard time surviving the summer!

With summers getting hotter and hotter in some farming areas of the US, getting the proper chicken breed for your flock is definitely crucial.

So, how do you know which chicken breed to choose?

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What are you looking for in a chicken breed for hot weather?

Size: Unlike with winter-hardy chicken breeds, the smaller the chicken is, the better it may do. This is because smaller breeds will be able to cool down faster than larger ones. That means that choosing a bantam version of your favorite breed is usually a good way to go.

Feathers: You obviously want to avoid breeds that have a warm feathery coat all over their bodies. Chickens can also use their feathers to cool down so the most heat-resilient breeds are usually ones with large combs.

Egg color: Generally speaking, white egg layer breeds are usually well equipped to endure the summer. If nothing else you can usually use their color as a good rule of thumb.

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With that in mind let’s check some of the best chicken breeds for the warm weather!

New Hampshire

Agriculture Poultry New Hampshire Young Bird Hen

This gorgeous breed is good for eggs from an early age. You can expect up to 300 yearly eggs from them! Their feathers help them during the summer and their size keeps them warm during the winter, making them perfect for places with very extreme weather.

Cinnamon Queen

This hybrid breed also matures quickly and has been specifically bred to lay large to extra-large eggs constantly. They tend to be docile and easy to manage and can be sexed upon hatching.

Given that they’re a hybrid breed, they tend to be quite hardy, perfect to keep laying regardless of the weather.


The leghorn breed is legendary for its hardiness and egg production. Although they may not be the most docile breed you can get, they’re resilient and active birds that require space to roam around and their feisty personalities are great for fending off predators.

They very rarely get broody and aren’t great mothers. Their size is also usually not great for their meat. This is truly a chicken breed designed to produce eggs fast and with little maintenance.

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If you want a source of constant eggs regardless of the circumstances, Leghorns are usually the best way to go.

Barred Plymouth Rock

Barred Plymouth Rock Started Pullet

These chickens aren’t only good looking, they’re also good egg layers during the summer. They’re a dual-purpose breed that has become a staple of American culture due to being a good source of meat and eggs before the mechanization of the chicken industry.

They’re usually mellow and docile, even when talking about the roosters, making them a great option if you have kids.

Which one of these is your favorite? Let us know below!


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