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5 Rare Chickens Breeds You Can Buy Today

Keeping backyard chickens doesn’t just have to be about the delicious eggs. You can actually get involved on the conservation of rare chicken breeds! Some of these breeds are heritage breeds, some of them are plain rare breeds with unique history. Click on their names to check out where to get these unique rare breeds! […]

What is the Ayam Cemani? “The Lamborghini of Chickens”

What is an Ayam Cemani?

What Is the Ayam Cemani Chicken? – “The Lamborghini of Poultry” Chickens aren’t often compared to luxury sports cars. In fact, you probably don’t ever hear about chickens compared to anything that sleek, fancy or outrageously expensive. But then, it isn’t everyday that someone starts up a conversation about the Ayam Cemani Chicken, referred to […]