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Best 5 Ducks For Eggs

Best 5 Ducks For Eggs

Duck eggs are usually rarer and more expensive than chicken eggs, leaving some to believe that ducks lay very few eggs. These breeds however will lay the same or even more eggs than some chicken breeds! We not only looked at good egg layers, we also made sure they’re great pets for you and your […]

How Do You Hatch Duck Eggs?

We all know ducks are amazing pets and hatching their eggs can be quite exciting and a wonderful experience –if done right. There’s nothing like seeing those little beaks break open the eggs and witnessing a beautiful little duck take their first steps into the world. So how do you hatch duck eggs? Here’s everything […]

A Battle to Save the Backyard Ducks in Long Island, NY

backyard ducks

Raising chickens and ducks in one’s backyard is a practice that is undergoing explosive growth in the United States and for good reason.