why we love silkies

Silkies: 5 Reasons To Love Them

Silkies are often described as the “chicken lap dog”. They’re small, incredibly friendly and, although they aren’t the best egg layers, Silkies will raise their chicks for them!

Here’s why we love the Silkie breed and why you should love them to:

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The Friendliest Chicken

The first question everyone has when seeing a Silkie is “can I hug them?” and the answer is always “of course!”. Silkies are very calm and docile, making them perfect for kids. They like to follow you around and being held so a lot of people keep not just as chickens, but as pets. Even the roosters tend to be friendly!

Unlike most chickens that tend to be nervous, Silkies will usually be the calmest chickens in your flock. They’re calm when opening the doors of the coop and they’ll be calm when they’re on your lap as you play with their feathers, because, who can resist those feathers?

Amazing Chicken Mothers

Silkies go broody more often than most breeds. And although you can stop them, why would you? Silkies make amazing mothers that will sit even on eggs that aren’t theirs. We’ve mentioned before how they’re the perfect addition to your flock if you want to make it sustainable.

They’ll go as far as to adopt chicks and patiently raise them as their own. And it’s not just chicken eggs that they’ll sit on. Silkies have been known to sit on duck eggs and even turkey eggs!

Small and quiet

Most people looking for smaller chicken breeds quickly realize that they aren’t known for being friendly. The Silkies are the exception to the rule! They usually are 2 to 3 pounds so you can handle them very easily.

They also very rarely crow, making them perfect for true backyard farmers!

Stunning appearance

This ancient breed’s history can be traced back to Marco Polo, who famously described them as part of his journeys in China. However to people not familiar with chickens they’ll be a rare sight. Most people expect all chickens to look like Leghorns; all white with naked feet. Silkies are nothing like that.

To start, Silkies have an extra toe. While most chicken breeds have just four toes, Silkies have five! And speaking of feet, their feet are also covered with feathers. Those unique, silky, long feathers cover their whole bodies. The reason why they resemble more to fuzzy hair than to actual feathers is because these feathers don’t have barbicels, which is the cartilage that make feathers hard, making them instead fuzzy and soft.

They also have blue earlobes and a unique crest, which is sometimes covered by their feathers. All of these genetic anomalies make of the Silkie a truly unique and stunning bird. It’s no wonder why they’re so popular in Silicon Valley!

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Many Silkies To Choose From!

If you love their look you’ll have a hard time choosing their colors! They come in black, blue, buff, splash and white! All of them lay a few (up to three) middle-sized brown eggs a week.

With their incredible appearance, their loving personalities and their usefulness as mothers, Silkies are easy to love. Get your Silkies today!

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