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Yellow Golden Pheasants



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Yellow Golden Pheasants

Yellow Golden Pheasants are a mutation of the Golden Pheasant. The bird has stunning and vivid yellow plumage in place of the red feathering. The Golden Pheasant or Chinese Pheasant is native to dense forested and mountainous regions of China. Feral populations have also started and thrived in parts of the United Kingdom as well.

The Yellow Golden Pheasant is a brightly colored and incredibly beautiful bird species. They are also surprisingly easy to raise and breed for beginning avian enthusiasts. These birds can fly if necessary to avoid predators, but they are much more apt as ground fowl and prefer running. They spend most of their day feeding on the ground on berries, seeds, grains, or invertebrates, and they will roost in trees at night.

Yellow Golden Pheasants have a brilliant golden crest and rear and have bright yellow flanks, breasts, and bellies. The “ruff” or “cape” around the head is black and orange. The Yellow Golden Pheasant has gray tertiary plumage where the Red Golden’s is blue. The Yellow Golden Pheasant has a black tail with with cinnamon colored spots. The tail is also about 2/3 of the birds length. The female Golden Pheasants are much duller in coloration than the males, with mostly mottle or barred brown and buff plumage. The females will lay between 8-12 eggs and incubate for 22-23 days.

**Note : These Yellow Golden Pheasants for sale were hatched in the previous Spring season and are under one year of age. Most pheasants will not color out fully until their second year of life.**

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