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Toulouse Goose



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Toulouse Geese

The Toulouse Goose is a domestic breed originating in France and a descendant of the Wild Greylag. This large goose breed is among the best egg layers of heavyweight breeds, laying up to 40 large goose eggs per year.

The Toulouse does not generally thrive well in mixed flocks due to its placid and subdued disposition, though its temperament does cater well to confinement. Toulouse are also an excellent goose for large gardens and orchards because their enormity prevents them from flying well and they will not wander far.

This prolific and popular barnyard goose is one of the more common gray geese found on farms or in small home flocks. It is an extremely practical breed and can be crossed with many breeds to produce excellent meat birds, though a pure bred toulouse can be raised for meat as well.

The prodigious Toulouse Geese have large oval shaped heads with long heavy necks. They have thick bodies and broad chests and exhibit mostly different shades of gray plumage with some white in the lower abdomen area. The back and tail feathers are usually a dark gray, fading to a lighter shade toward the neck and chest region. The Toulouse is a beautiful breed that can be enjoyed for its practicality and aesthetic purposes.

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