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Sultan Chickens



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Sultan Chickens

The Sultan Chicken is an outrageously ornamental Fancy Breed of chicken. Sultan Chickens are the only breed of chicken adorned with all qualifications to be considered fancy; crest, muffs,beard, and feathered feet. This breed also even has the unique V-shaped comb and five toes. The impressively dressed Sultan Chicken originated in Turkey, and it’s original name was Serai-Tavuk, meaning “fowls of the sultan”.

Sultan Chickens were once kept by Turkish royalty as ornamental pets in their gardens. This well feathered, regal bird is also calm and easily handled. The breed is well suited for close confinement. That being said, they require a tight dry coop in order to keep its soft fluffy feathers in good shape. This extremely rare bird is good backyard bird, but is only kept for exhibition purposes and its wonderful uniqueness.

The Sultan Chicken was first seen in North America in 1867. It was accepted into the APAs Standard of Perfection in 1874. The Sultan Chicken is a calm breed and if kept in flocks with more active and aggressive birds, the Sultan is sure to be bullied. Its excessive feathering make it also an easy and obvious target for other breeds of chicken. This beautiful and one of a kind bird can be a pleasure raise and enjoyed as a live garden pet of your own.

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