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Solar Nite Eyes Predator Protection System




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Solar Nite Eyes Predator Protection System

How Do I Protect My Backyard Chickens from Predators?

When raising chickens, ducks, geese, or game birds in your backyard or on your farm, the threat of predators damaging your flock is a consistent reality. A pesky critter can quickly injure or kill several birds leaving you angry and distraught. However, with proper preparation and some basic equipment, you can significantly limit and nearly eliminate the risk of predators attacking your prized birds. You can protect your backyard chickens from predators using the Solar Nite Eyes Predator Protection System.

Even the most stable and sturdy of backyard chicken coops and hen houses may still have weakness. Often times, physical protection isn’t enough from the wide variety of poultry predators and their ingeniously honed infiltrating skills. Animals such as raccoons and opossums have been known to burrow under walls.  They can also break netting and mesh, and even open latches or lids. With the Solar Nite Eyes Predator Protection System, you can add a psychological layer of protection to the scenario, supplementing your chicken coop with a natural poultry predator deterrent.

Do you have predators such as raccoons, opossums, skunks, badgers, bears, wild boars, coyotes, mountain lions, bobcats, fox, owls, hawks, bats, wolves, or other natural enemies of poultry in your area? If so, it may only be a matter of time until you find your flock being threatened. These critters will sense a potential food source nearby, and may attack with reckless abandon. However, you can defend against these predators with the Solar Nite Eyes Predator Protection System.

How Does the Solar Nite Eyes Predator Protection System Work?

This ingenious design combats predators using a simple yet incredibly effective concept. The most common threats to domestic poultry are nocturnal, primarily stalking and hunting your flock under the cover of darkness. These animals want to hunt and feed at night, without being detected by other predators, their prey, or humans. Even the slightest of disruptions or uncertainties in their evaluation of a target will cause them to hesitate or abandon their attack and flee to an easier and safer alternative.

The Solar Nite Eyes Predator Protection System creates this disruption by artificially mimicking a very real threat, the set of eyes of another predator. The flashing, high-intensity red lights creates the simple element of the unknown is all it takes to protect your flock.

This concept is simple, elegant, and highly effective. Using small lights to mimic a predators eyes has even been used to control pesky Canadian Geese with great results. This really works, and the product manufacturer guarantees that you will agree! It even works at repelling deer, which can eat gardens and trees.

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