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Snowy Call Ducks



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Snowy Call Ducks

Snowy Call Ducks (or Silver Call Ducks) are a unique breed of duck with a very boisterous function. Originally, they were bred to serve as hunting decoys, their loud voices calling in other ducks for hunters.

Now, people breed Snowy Call ducklings and other Call Ducks primarily for show. Their smaller size and cute shape make them a go to bird for the pet owner and hobbyist alike.

The first records of the ingenious breeding and use of Snowy Call ducks come from the Netherlands. However, experts still dispute their true country of origin; many believe they originated in the Far East. Originally, all Call Ducks resembled the Mallard ducks, but years of selective breeding have yielded a plethora of coloration patterns.

The Snowy Call ducks are very similar in coloration to Silver Appleyard Ducks with the lush green heads and blue wing tips. Their difference include a lighter white coloration and lacing on the back and side, and deep brown on their chests.

sThe high energy and delightful aesthetics of a pet Snowy Call Duck makes these birds very sought after by various duck enthusiasts. Their function as hunting tools is less typical today, as their are used primarily for decoration, entertainment. They are extremely popular amongst breeders, hobbyists, and pet owners. However, the difficulty in breeding Snowy Call Ducks and other Call Ducks makes them only available from a handful of breeders around the US.

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