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Silver Pheasants



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Silver Pheasants

Like the Golden Pheasant, Silver Pheasants originated in the forested mountainous regions of eastern and southern China and other parts of mainland southeast Asia. However, some populations have also been introduced in Hawaii and other areas of mainland United States. The Silver Pheasant is closely related to the Kalij Pheasant, and the main physical difference of the two is that the Silver Pheasant has red legs and face, where the Kalij is gray.

The Silver Pheasant is a beautiful breed of pheasant and an excellent breed to keep in an aviary. The males have a bright white back and tail with some gray and black markings, giving it a silverish appearance. The females are mostly brown and quite a bit smaller than the males. The Silver Pheasant is a calm and hardy breed that does very well in aviaries with lots of plant life as they will not destroy new growth or eat leaves of the plants.

The Silver Pheasant males reach their full plumage in their second year. Females will typically lay up to 20 eggs per season starting around the end of March. Incubation time for the eggs is approximately 25-26 days.

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