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Sicilian Buttercup Chickens



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Sicilian Buttercup Chicken

The Sicilian Buttercup Chicken is a rare chicken breed coming from the Island of Sicily, as it’s name suggests. The rest of its name comes from the buttery golden color of the hens and the cup shaped combed that looks similar to a red crown or tiara on top of the chicken’s head. The cup shaped cone of the Sicilian Buttercup Chicken is totally unique in the poultry world.

According to the American Standard of Perfection, the Sicilian Buttercup Chicken stock in North America came 100% from hatching eggs brought over in 1892. The conservation status of this breed is critical, but its popularity keeps this rare chicken available due to the beautiful golden plumage and unique cup shaped comb.

This is somewhat of a delicate bird because it is not as cold hardy as many other breeds of chicken, and the Sicilian Buttercup Chicken is not particularly docile and is very active. This chicken breed is intolerant of confinement so it is important to have ample space for the Sicilian Buttercup Chickens to range. It is not broody and is a good layer of medium sized white eggs. It is most kept and bred for its ornamental and exhibition purposes as well as its good white egg laying abilities.

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