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Ruddy Shelduck Pairs



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Ruddy Shelduck Pairs

The Ruddy Shelduck is breed of Shelduck mostly native to Asia, but also rarely seen in parts of Southeast Asia. The Ruddy Shelduck is a distinct and beautiful duck species with chestnut or dark apricot colored plumage and a lighter brown head. The males and females of this duck species can look quite similar, and the only differentiating feature is the black ring on the bottom of the neck that the males will show during the summer and breeding months. Many females will also have a white patch on the face.

Similar to it’s brethren Shelducks and to the Mandarin Duck and Wood Duck, the Ruddy Shelduck likes to nest in tree holes and rock crevasses. These birds actually like to nest away from water, and can often be found in pairs or small flocks on rocky cliffs. These birds are rather large and look quite heavy in flight; they can be confused with geese by their flight appearance and honking call.

These beautiful birds come as adult pairs. Unlike many of our other Rare Adult Bird Breeds/b>, the Ruddy Shelduck is a bit slower to mature and may not be able to produce fertile eggs during their first Spring. It is best to raise these birds either in pairs by themselves or in larger aviaries because they can become aggressive with other waterfowl in captivity, especially during breeding season.

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