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Reeves Pheasant Pairs



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Reeves Pheasant Pairs

The Reeves Pheasant was named after a British naturalist named John Reeves.  He first introduced the breed into Europe in the early 19th century. The male Reeve Pheasant is a beautiful and brightly feathered pheasant breed.  They have a red and white colored body with also black lacing around most of the feathers. The birds head is white with a pronounced black strip across the eye. Within the black stripe is a small white “teardrop”.

The Reeves Pheasant is known for it’s unusually long tail feathers, and it is noted as having the longest naturally occurring tail feather of any bird species. The tail of the Reeves Pheasant can measure up to 8 feet long.

This pheasant breed is endemic to evergreen forests of eastern and central China, and like many other pheasant breeds they will inhabit farmlands when introduced. They can be aggressive toward other pheasants and humans so it is best to exercise caution when mixing them into a flock or handling. An ideal diet for these pheasants is vegetable scraps and commercial game bird grains and feeds.

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