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Mallard Ducks



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Mallard Ducks

Mallard Ducks are perhaps the most widely recognized of all waterfowl species in North America. Experts suspect that all domestic ducks originated with the Wild Mallard. Males especially exhibit rich and deep colors and plumage and make them very popular. Wild Mallards are common in most parts of North America, and very popular as pets for waterfowl enthusiasts. Our ducklings are purebred, domesticated Mallards. Although they are visually identical to the wild Mallards, they have been bred in a domestic setting and may have lost some wild instincts. Fortunately, our domestic mallards will still do an excellent job hatching and raising a few broods of ducklings each year.

Mallard ducks are relatively small birds and thus they will be able to fly handily. Most mallards will be able to fly in spurts at about 10 weeks of age, and will be excellent flyers by week 16. If you need a larger bird unable to fly, we recommend the Rouen, which is also calmer and more sociable. Male and Female Mallard Ducklings will have the same coloration until about week 14. At that point, the males will begin to exhibit the recognizable green headed Mallard coloration. We also offer Mallard Duck Hatching Eggs for sale.

Why are They So Popular?

Domesticated Mallards are raised for a variety of purposes: pets, hunting game, exotic meat, and show ducks. They make excellent companions as you can release them onto a pond or lake and allow them to live as a natural bird, yet they will still visit their owners regularly for food and socialization.

Like most waterfowl, it’s best to acquire Mallards when they are very young so that they develop an inherent comfort around humans. When you order your Mallard Ducklings from eFowl.com, you will receive them when they are just 24-48 hours old. This will allow them to undertake the imprinting process with you, yielding a wonderful pet and friend.

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