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Jumbo Pekin Ducks



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Jumbo Pekin Ducks

The Jumbo Pekin Ducks are the largest variety of Pekin Duck, which is bred for excellent size and fertility. This is accomplished by crossing a commercial meat Pekin (such as the Grimaud Hybrid), with a high egg producing and fertile female. This yields a bird that is very large, and can reproduce prolifically.

The Jumbo Pekin Duck is the most popular and commonly raised domestic duck breed in the United States and the entire world. Pekin ducklings are more prominent than all other breeds of ducks combined. Pekin ducks are efficient egg layers and meat birds. Though the Jumbo Pekin Duck is an excellent duck for meat production, they are not bred for show quality standards.

Why Are These Ducks So Popular?

The Pekin and Jumbo Pekin ducks are so desired because of their hardiness, high fertility, and high hatching rates. Their large size, fast growth rate, and excellent feed conversion make them efficient for raising and producing quality meat. As pets, Pekins have a calm demeanor and relaxed temperament, providing great entertainment and socialization. Pekins are hardy; they can adapt to just about any climate zone with ease, which is one of the reasons this duck breed is raised in every corner of the world. They are easy to feed as well, being able to derive adequate nutrition from a wide range of diet staples. Generally, the Pekin Duck will be a very good egg layer as well, but the Jumbo Pekin Duck variety is not quite as prolific of an egg layer as the smaller varieties.

The Chinese bred Pekin Ducks for thousands of years before they were brought to North America in the 1870s. They were admitted into the newly formed American Poultry Association in 1874. This Jumbo Pekin is bred specifically to be a larger version of the Pekin Duck for meat production.

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