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Jersey White Giant Chickens



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Jersey White Giant Chicken

The Jersey White Giant Chicken is the more rare of the two Jersey Giant varieties (black and white.) Jersey Giants originated in New Jersey in the 1880s by crossing Black Javas, Dark Brahmas, and Black Langshans. The white variety came about by mutations within Black Jersey Giants, which then led to the selection of White Giants for their plumage.

Admitted to the Standard of Perfection in 1947, Jersey White Giants are a “general-purpose variety”, though their large body size takes away from their egg-laying capability due to their poor feed conversion rate. With hens weighing 6-7 pounds and males weighing 9-10 pounds, these birds make a great meat breed.

Though we mentioned they aren’t optimal for egg laying, Jersey White Giants do tend to lay more eggs than other birds their size. The eggs they lay will be brown and extra large. Jersey White Giants are occasional brooders and protective mothers.


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