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Embden Goose



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Embden Geese

The Embden Goose is the tallest of all domesticated goose breeds, measuring up to a meter in height with its long back and swan like neck. The Embden is and extremely old breed of goose and is thought to have originated around 200 years ago in Germany, though some think the breed was created by crossing a German White with an English White to produce what we now know as the Embden Goose.

The plumage of an Embden Goose is purely white with a bright orange colored bill and orange feet. Being such an old breed, these massive birds have developed excellent and desirable physical characteristics: well rounded bulky body, long back, gracefully curved neck, strong wings, and hardy feathers.

This is a very hardy bird that will forage for food in lakes, ponds, or wet ground. The Embden geese make great mothers and are excellent brooders. They are very protective of their young and will attempt to fight off any predator. This huge bird is one of the most popular meat geese in North America and is used heavily in the commercial geese meat market. The Embden ganders will rapidly reach an impressive 20 pounds. Embden Geese do well in pairs or in a flock and is an excellent choice for it’s prestigious appearance and enormous size.

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