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Cinnamon Teal Duck Pairs



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Cinnamon Teal Duck Pairs

The Cinnamon Teal Duck is a radiant cinnamon-red dabbling duck species that breeds mostly in the Western United States. Like other Teal Ducks and dabbling ducks, the Cinnamon Teal prefers small ponds and shallow wetlands to feed. It eats mostly aquatic plants, enjoying rush seeds and pondweed seeds. The Cinnamon Teal Duck will also eat aquatic insects or mollusks in certain regions.

The Cinnamon Teal Duck, like the Blue Winged Teal, will travel long distances as far as South America to winter, but is most commonly found spending it’s winter in Mexico and Central America. The Cinnamon Teal is often spotted in the Midwestern and Eastern United States traveling with flocks of Blue Winged Teal Ducks because they share similar breeding and feeding habitats.

Cinnamon Teal Ducks are beautiful breed of dabbling duck that is quit popular among duck hunters in North and South America. The males exhibit vibrant cinnamon-red plumage on the head, neck, breast, and underbelly. The have a iridescent green speculum-secondary feathers- and a bright blue shoulder patch separated by a white stripe. The back and tail feathers are mostly a dull brown with some black covert feathers. They have bold distinctive red eyes with a black bill and yellow feet. The females are a less brilliant cinnamon color with many dark streaks. The blue shoulder patch is much more dull, and the female Cinnamon Teal is often confused with the Female Blue Winged Teal, especially when seen together in flocks.

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