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Blue Slate Turkeys



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Blue Slate Turkeys

Blue Slate Turkeys are a critically rare heritage breed that was admitted into the APA around 1874. The Blue Slate Turkey was developed by crossings of the Spanish Black Turkey and the Norfolk Black Turkey from England. The slate blue color is a result of a genetic mutation similar to that present in the Blue Andalusian Chicken. This mutation tends to produce a few different shades of blue.


The Blue Slate Turkey is frequently used as a show breed. While we guarantee our birds to be pure bred, we do not guarantee show quality. Though the breed is listed as critical, popularity for the Blue Slate Turkey is growing among small farmers and backyard farmers interested in sustainable agriculture. The Blue Slate Turkey is said to have superior taste, and like other heritage breeds, the birds will thrive in open range environments and have the ability to reproduce naturally.

These beautiful birds will live long productive lives for breeding purposes. Though they will be slower to mature than commercial breeds, the Blue Slate Turkeys’ slow growth allows them to build a strong skeletal structure and healthy organs before gaining the majority of their muscle mass. This important quality of heritage breed leads to healthy happy lives for the turkey.

These wonderful birds will also be a pleasure to raise in small numbers or large flocks. The Blue Slate Turkey is an excellent choice whether you want to produce large amounts of meat and breed many birds, or if you have a small flock on your farm or in a backyard setting.

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