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Blown Goose Eggs for Art



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Blown Goose Eggs for Art

These eggs offer a unique and beautiful medium to create exquisite blown goose eggs for art. To supply this growing art practice with the supplies they need, we blow out and clean infertile duck and goose eggs shortly after they are laid. We make a very small hole (just 7/32”) on the large end of the egg and drain the contents of the egg. Next, we rinse the egg and disinfect it with distilled water. To offer top quality eggs, we candle the shells to ensure that there aren’t any cracks, stains or flaws in the eggs. We then use a vinegar solution to get the egg as white as possible, making it the perfect art medium. The vinegar solution still allows for a excellent effect when dyeing the eggs.

We have blown duck and goose eggs available year round, although the blown goose eggs sell out faster, as we can only produce them during the Spring.

Blown Goose Eggs are sized according to their circumference. We measure the circumference by encircling the egg at the longest possible spot, longitudinally along the upright egg.

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