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Black Magpie Ducks



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Black Magpie Duck

The Black Magpie Ducks are a very attractive bird. This breed is renowned for its beautiful blue and white plumage in adulthood. The Black Magpies have a unique feather pattern with grayish black feathers on the saddle, rear and top of the head. Other than general size and weight, the male and female Magpie ducks are identical in appearance. The Welsh developed the magpie breed in the early 20th Century. They were brought over to the United States in the 1960’s and were eventually admitted to the Light Weight duck class in 1977.

The Black Magpie ducks are a light breed and are somewhat smaller in size and stature compared to a Rouen. They are still not able to sustain flight due to their weight. To develop the unique color pattern of the Magpie, breeders used a combination of the Black Swedish to achieve the white bib, and the Fawn and White runner to emulate their plumage pattern. They stand upright and carry themselves with stature in a similar manner to that of an Indian Runner Duck.

Black Magpies are great to use for eggs and meat, as well as for pets.

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