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Assorted Silkie Bantam Chickens



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Silkie Bantam Chicken Assortment

Ordering via the Assorted Silkie Bantam page is a great and economical way to order Silkie Bantam chicks. Your order will have an assortment of the following color varieties, though we cannot guarantee that you will get at least one of each in your order:

Silkie Bantams are an Asian breed of bantam chicken and a very unique one at that. The first recorded mention of the breed was by Marco Polo himself after venturing to China, where he found ?Hens with hair like cats, are black, and lay the best eggs.? Silkies are the only bantam or standard breed that have black pigmented skin.

The Silkie Bantam is by far one of the most popular bantam breeds of chicken. Hens are especially broody and will even raise chicks from other breeds. Their docility has them nicknamed as the lap dog of chickens. Their turquoise earlobes, five toes, crests and feathered feet all make them quite a highly sought after fancy breed.

Hence the name, Silkies have many many soft and silky feathers. Being quite a goofy and unique bunch of birds, Silkies make great pets. They also come in a bearded and non-bearded variety, of which you will not receive a guaranteed ratio upon ordering.

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