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Assorted Indian Runner Ducks



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Assorted Indian Runner Ducks (Hatchery Choice)

Assorted Indian Runner Ducks are a quick and easy way to obtain the unique, lively, and useful Indian Runner Ducks. Breeders developed the Indian Runner Ducks to be primarily be egg layers. Indian runner ducks have great egg production capabilities, rivaled only by Khaki Campbell. They have a unique posture, often referred to as a wine bottle shape. Furthermore, their demeanor is a bit more lively and sometimes even frantic when compared to other breeds of domestic waterfowl.

When you order Assorted Runner Ducks We will simply send you the available breeds of runner ducklings which we sell. You will receive a variety of runner ducklings such as the Fawn and White Runner Duck, the Black Runner Duck, or the Chocolate Runner Duck.

These are all domesticated birds, thus they will not have problems getting along with one another. By ordering an Assortment of Runner Ducklings, you will see different types of birds growing up together. You will be able to compare and contrast the aesthetic and behavioral differences between the various breeds. Furthermore, you may even be able to cross breed the birds and create breed types that are totally unique!

Another key advantage to ordering Assorted Runner Ducks is that we are usually able to ship them on the next possible shipping day. Thus, you will never have to wait long to receive your birds. Sexing is available on breed-specific runner ducks orders, but not on Assorted Runner Ducks.


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