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Assorted Heavy Breed Chickens



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Assorted Heavy Breed Chickens

Our Assorted Heavy Breed Chickens are the fastest and cheapest option of purchasing heavy breed chickens. We will include the best assortment that we have available that week, and we will be able to ship them sooner than if you were to select multiple different chicken breeds. We do not guarantee that we can send a large variety with any particular order of Assorted Heavy Breeds. However, we will do our best to send some assortment given the availability for our chicks in any given week. When ordering small numbers of Assorted Heavy Breed Chicks, it is possible that you may get all of one breed if availability is limited.

These are all domesticated birds, and usually the different breeds we select will not have a hard time getting along with one another. By ordering an Assorted Heavy Breeds, you will see different types of birds growing up together.

Heavy Chicken Breeds are the largest and typically the most cold hardy of the chicken breeds we sell. Most of these breeds will be good dual purpose chickens, meaning they will be good egg producers and will also yield a good quantity of chicken meat when they no longer have any utility as an egg layer. Some, but not all of the breeds that could be included in the Heavy Breed Hatchery Choice are:

***Please note that if these breeds are not available by themselves then they will likely not be included. Also, we do not keep records of the assorted breeds included in each order.***

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