Seth Macfarlane Loves Ducks

Seth Macfarlane Loves Ducks

The week on FOX marks the season premiere of the popular cartoon comedy block known as Animation Domination.  This TGIF of raunchy cartoons serves a weekly staple for college kids across the country.

seth macfarlane

Animation Domination, which is now 75% created by Seth Macfarlane. Hang on tight Matt Groening!

The main change to the line up is that Mike Judge’s down-home style King of the Hill is no longer.  FOX has filled the vacancy with yet another one of Seth MacFarlane‘s animated attempts at Family-Guy-but-with-different-characters in The Cleveland Show.

You can catch all the episodes on Hulu, which in my opinion were quite entertaining, especially the highly unique episode of Family Guy.

Some of the most astute of cartoon viewers may have noticed a recurring joke that arced from The Cleveland Show to American Dad.  MacFarlane, who is most notable for his hodge-podge of obscure cultural nods and references, recreated a familiar movie scene in two of his premiers.

seth macfarlane

Here we have a duck crossing in American Dad as some Vietnam War reenactors pause their intense combat display to admire some mallard ducklings.

We are all familiar with the movie and TV joke of the ducks crossing.  Characters are somehow speeding down the road, only to come to a screeching halt at the sight of a mother and her ducklings crossing the road.  This is usually followed by a cutesy comment that is ironic given the character’s normal disposition.

It is funny because no matter what the scenario, humans will drop whatever they’re doing to allow the adorable ducklings to cross their path.  This cultural reference seems to expose a soft spot in the human psyche for ducklings.  The insertion of a duck crossing scene at an inopportune time makes us smile and chuckle.  Scene’s such as this are reminiscent of the common Springtime local news story of a person going out of their way to assist a mother and her ducklings.

seth macfarlane

Here we have some ducklings crossing the road in The Cleveland Show, right after Cleveland pulls and aggressive u-turn on the road. Anyone know what duck breed this is supposed to be?

It is interesting to see how frequently this gag is used throughout American entertainment.  We are compiling a list all the Duck Crossing scenes in TV and movies.  Can you think of any?  Please tell us in the comment boxes below.

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