White Phoenix Bantam Chickens

A Beautiful and Long Tailed Bantam Breed – White Phoenix Bantam Chickens

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The Phoenix breed was developed in Europe and the United States from the long-tailed Japanese Onagadori Breed. Various game birds were mixed with the Onagadori to create this gorgeous chicken with an exceptionally long tail. This breed is slow to mature and prefers a mild climate.

The White Phoenix Bantam was admitted to the American Standard of Perfection in 1965. Phoenix hens are very broody and lay small tinted eggs making excellent mothers. This breed adapts well to confinement but is also a very good forager with great survival instinct. The ornamental elongated tail feathers are the most impressive physical trait of the White Phoenix Bantam, however, their tails are notoriously difficult to keep clean and thus requires a good number of lofty perches and a roofed run.