White Leghorn Chickens

The Prolific White Egg Layer- White Leghorn Chickens

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Out of all the white egg laying chickens in the world, the White Leghorn stands above all as the most popular. It originated in Italy and was first brought to North America in the 1850s. Originally called Italian Chickens, the named Leghorn came from a mispronunciation of the Ligurian Sea, through which they were frequently transported. Leghorns are non-setters (they rarely go broody.) These birds are productive, to say the least, laying around 280 white eggs a year in their first few years of laying.

Maturing quite rapidly, White Leghorn hens will weigh around 4 pounds with roosters weighing about 6. Their smaller size makes them not preferable for meat. Leghorns tend to be jittery and flighty but do well in confinement and free-range environments. White Leghorns require little maintenance and are great foragers. If raised in a free-range setting, these birds will definitely roost in trees!