White Crested Black Polish Chickens

The Beautifully Crested and Ornamental – White Crested Black Polish Chickens

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Though it has been thought they originated in Netherlands and not Poland, the Polish chicken is one of the most popular ornamental breeds in the world. Being domesticated in Eastern Europe as early as the 16th century, the Polish Chicken is capable of laying around 120 eggs a year despite it mainly being used as a show bird.

The White Crested Black Polish is just one of the many varieties and color schemes that pertain to the Polish chicken. Like other Polishes, the White Crested Black has the famous knob or protuberance on their head. They also have large cavernous nostrils, a trait unique to crested breeds. They have a white crest with some birds having a small group of black feathers at the base of the crest in the front.

Since the bird is mainly used for show, they rarely ever go broody. The White Crested Black Polish is one of the 3 Polish color patterns which do not have a bearded variety.