Wheaten Cubalaya Bantam Chickens

A Popular and Exotic Carribean Bantam Breed – Wheaten Cubalaya Bantam Chickens

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The Wheaten Cubalaya Bantam is a rare breed of chicken that is difficult to find. The bird was unknown outside of the Carribean for years, having originated in Cuba during the 19th century and bred from either Indonesian of Philippine bloodlines.

This breed makes a wonderful ornamental pet or exhibition chicken. Notable features on the Wheaten Cubalaya Bantam include a pea comb and low carried tail. Male Cubalaya Bantams do not grow natural spurs or grow a small nub instead. The Wheaten Cubalaya Bantam is a dwarf variety of the Standard Cubalaya chicken breed and was admitted to the American Poultry Standard of Perfection in 1960.

The Wheaten Cubalaya Bantam is a very frequent brooder although they are slow to grow. This breed is better suited for warm climates considering it lacks winter feathers, this makes it very heat hardy. Wheaten Cubalaya Bantams do not take well to confinement and can be quite noisy and aggressive, as such they are not recommended for mixed flocks.