Wheaten Aseel Chickens

A tasty game bird that’s been around for millennia – Wheaten Aseel Chickens

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Aseels, also spelled Asils, originate from India dating back between 2000-3500 years ago. The Aseel is thought to have been the breed from which the Cornish Chicken descends. This breed is deceptively heavy due to its tight fitting feathers making their compact bodies are quite muscular. The Wheaten Aseel requires more room than most other breeds and prefers free range environments.

The Wheaten Aseel males are very territorial and will be aggressive to other male chickens. This breed has productive egg production over a relatively short season. The eggs produced by Aseels are smaller than average and often have a light tint to them. Due to the lower productivity and small egg size, Aseels are not normally used as an egg laying breed. The wild roaming nature of the Wheaten Aseel and its muscular nature make it a game bird known for its delicious wild flavor.

Due to its aggression, the Aseel is not recommended for mixed flocks, however, it can be quite docile with human contact. The Aseel bears confinement better than most game birds, but the more room the better especially with the extremely fierce males.