Splash Rosecomb Bantam Chicken

A Popular Bantam Variety and Great for Exhibition – Splash Rosecomb Bantam Chickens

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Cackle Hatchery has an enormous selection poultry breeds, and when it comes to bantams and true miniature chickens, the game is no different! The Splash Rosecomb Bantam is a mesmerizing show bird who will complement anyone’s backyard or chicken coop.

Admitted to the Standard of Poultry Perfection in 1874, the Rosecomb Bantam sports a beautiful black and white feather pattern, and is one of the few “true bantams,” meaning there is no standard size of the same breed. Cackle Hatchery has the experience in breeding and shipping breeds like the Splash Rosecomb Bantam for many years, and you can ensure a great quality breed.

First-time poultry owners who are looking for an easy-going egg-layer may steer away from the Splash Rosecomb Bantam. As wonderful and elegant as these birds are, they’re not especially hardy and do not lay a ton of eggs. Most birds of this breed are kept for exhibition. The Splash Rosecomb has a below average egg production and will produce small bantam sized cream colored eggs. These birds will tolerate confinement and they can be a little flighty. Don’t expect your Splash Rosecombs to be going broody any time soon either!