Splash Polish Chickens

The Beautifully Crested and Ornamental – Splash Polish Chickens

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Polish Chickens are one of the most highly praised ornamental chicken breeds primarily used for exhibition, though they will produce up to 120 small white shelled eggs per year.

The Polish chicken is actually thought to have originally come from the Netherlands rather than Poland, but the name was given when the birds were first transported from Poland and initially introduced in England. This old breed is thought to have been domesticated in Eastern Europe since the early 16th Century.

The primary purpose of the Polish Chicken today is for showing, revered for the birds’ magnificent crest of feathers. This is caused by a large knob or “protuberance” that protrudes from the top of the head. Of all ornamental and fancy breeds of chicken, the Polish chicken is one of the most beautiful. It is bred in many different varieties or color, some rarer and more exotic than others.

Because this bird has been typically used for show and it’s fantastic features, the animal rarely goes broody. Depending on the variety of Polish, the bird can either be bearded or non-bearded, and the crest of the males differs from the females. The crest of the male is a bit more erratic and umbrella shaped, while the hens’ crests are fluffy and full feathered. The Splash Polish Chicken is a Bearded variety of Polish Chicken.