Speckled Sussex Chickens

The Speckled Sussex Chickens are a wonderful dual purpose breed. They provide lots of medium to large brown eggs, are great as broilers, and can even be broody moms.


Originating in Sussex County England, the Speckled Sussex Chickens were originally bred for table poultry. They are one of the base breeds for most white skinned breeds as well. The Speckled Sussex is absolutely one of the best backyard breeds out there because of its efficiency as a dual-purpose chicken as well as its calm demeanor and beautiful feathering.

The Sussex has a long and deep body with pinkish white skin. It’s a dependable layer of medium and large sized brown eggs. The breed is quite heavy and not a good flier so it handles confinement and being fenced in quite well. Its size and heavy feathering allow this hardy breed to lay deep into the cold winter months.

The Speckled Sussex also makes a great brooder and mother. The Speckled Sussex’s beautiful coat keeps it warm and also protects it from predators. By molting every year their coat will fill in with more and more speckled feathers, making them more beautiful each year!