Silver Spangled Hamburg Chickens

The Light Weight and Cold Hardy – Silver Spangled Hamburg Chicken

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The Spangled Hamburg Chicken comes in both Gold Spangled and Silver Spangled and is an old lightweight breed that some say originated in Turkey, though many believe it was developed in Germany and Holland in the 17th century. Hamburg Chickens are rare breeds that come in several color varieties, some rare than others. In England, this active breed is sometimes known as the “Dutch Everyday Layers” because of their prolific laying of small white eggs.

The Hamburg Chickens color varieties are all quite pleasing to the eye and a flock of these beautiful birds will decorate a yard very well. The Hamburg Chicken has a nice red rose comb with many small points, well-rounded red wattles, and white earlobes. The standard breed usually doesn’t weigh more than 5 pounds for cocks and 4 pounds for the hens. Hamburg Chickens are very spirited and active birds.

They are good fliers due to their relatively light weight and they can be jumpy around humans, but they do very well in backyard or barnyard environments. The breed is cold hardy, but will not tolerate closed confinement well at all and will do much better with ample free range grazing space.