Silver Lakenvelder Chicken

A Unique and Rare White Egg Layer – Silver Lakenvelder Chickens

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The Silver Lakenvelder Chicken was developed in Germany and first brought to North America in the early 20th Century. A breeder by the name of Oskar Vorwerk is credited with breeding the Lakenvelder Chickens and in the British Standard, these chickens are known as Vorwerks. Unlike the Golden Lakenvelder, the Silver Lakenvelder was admitted into the Continental Class of the Standard of Perfection in 1939.

The Silver Lakenvelder is a small breed of chicken that is not good for quality meat production, but they are fairly decent layers of medium sized white or tinted eggs. This breed was originally bred for its egg production but is kept now mostly for its beautiful plumage, active nature, and as an exhibition birds. They make excellent free-range birds due to their highly active nature and foraging habits.

The name Lakenvelder is a name that refers to white color spread over a black field, fitting for this starkly contrasting white and black chicken. They have an extremely graceful carriage, and this along with their contrasting color and active disposition make them stand out noticeably in a flock.

Silver Lakenvelder Chickens are a beautiful breed and both males had females have rich blackheads and hackles; white earlobes; and a red face, wattles, and comb. The males also exhibit dark black saddle and tail feathers. Both genders exhibit golden buff coloration throughout most of their body and breast feathers.