Silver Laced Polish Chickens

The Beautifully Crested and Ornamental – Silver Laced Polish Chickens

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The Polish Chicken is a breed that has been around for quite a while. Polish chickens have been purebred since as early as the 16th century. They are one of the most sought after ornamental chickens on the market with the Silver Laced Polish being one of the most popular varieties. They are a non-sitter and lay white eggs though they are mainly kept for exhibition and just their uniqueness in general!

The Polish chicken is known for its extravagant knob or protuberance on top of their head. They also come in bearded and non-eared varieties. When ordered there is no guaranteed ratio of male to female. Silver Laced Polish Chickens are some of the fanciest and popular show birds in the world. It comes in many different other varieties as well. The Silver Laced plumage is usually white or silvery white laced with a deep and lustrous black. While these birds can lay around 120 eggs a year, they are not usually kept for egg production.