Salmon Faverolle Chickens

A Bearded and Muffed Dual Purpose Breed – Salmon Faverolle Chicken

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Salmon Faverolle chickens are a stocky and colorful little breed that originated in Northern France in the village of yes Faverolle! They are a composite breed with Houdans and Dorklings and were originally bred as a dual-purpose breed. Primary selection of Salmon Faverolle chickens was for winter eggs and heavy table poultry.

The Salmon Faverolle is the most popular variety of the Faverolle breed and is one of the few standard breeds that can lay cream and tinted eggs. Admitted to the Standard to 1914, these calm and collected birds are usually now kept for exhibition and for their egg-laying capabilities.

Hens can be broody and these birds are cold hardy, though their fancy feathers make raising them in lower temperatures not desirable. The Faverolle is a stocky bird with a short and thick neckand a broad and flat back. Males have amainly black plumage with a straw colored head and reddish brown wingbows. Females have a creamy white beard and muffsas well as a cream colored neck breast and body. Their heads are a salmon brown. The bird’s beard, muffs, and feathered feet make it a veryattractive and robust looking chicken. It actually has 5 toes, unlike many standard and bantam breeds. Salmon Faverolles are a common indoor breed because of their calm behavior and docility.