Royal Palm Turkeys

Royal Palm Turkeys, although relatively small in size are strikingly beautiful birds. They’re excellent for exhibition and for family meat production.


Royal Palm Turkeys are a relatively newly developed heritage turkey breed accepted into the APA in 1971. This breed is relatively small in size but is strikingly beautiful with drastic white and metallic black contrasting feathers. This pattern first appeared around the 1920s, but it took years of careful breeding to regularly recreate this color pattern.

The small size of the Royal Palm Turkey excludes this breed for any commercial turkey production. But this breed is excellent for small farm or backyard farmers who wish to raise turkeys for family meat production. The Royal Palm is mostly bred for exhibition purposes because of the incredible color pattern. When raised in a free-range or backyard environment the breed can also be a useful insect control method.

Like all other heritage breeds, the Royal Palm Turkey is fairly slow to mature, but this active and resourceful breed can lead a long and productive breeding life and will naturally reproduce. These are strikingly beautiful birds to be enjoyed by any small farm or backyard poultry owners.