Ringneck Pheasant

The Ringneck Pheasant is an excellent game bird as well as delicious to eat.

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Ringneck Pheasant are some of the most desirable birds to hunt, eat, raise as pets, or keep as ornamental birds. Their meat is delectable, and found in many high end restaurants around the world.

They are a very hardy and adaptable bird. It is feasible to raise them in many climates and environments. The best habitats for the Ringneck Pheasant consist of 50-70% crop fields like corn, soybean, or other small grains, and the the remaining portion should include some wetlands, grasslands, and dense brushy area. Also, Ringneck Pheasants are capable of fast flight, making them an excellent game bird for hunting enthusiasts.

They have stately nature and colorful, unique plumage. Many homeowners want them on their property for the joy of observation and admiration. On occasional visit from a Ringneck Pheasant will certainly brighten your day. Property owners can purchase a quantity of these pheasant chicks, raise them in a pen for a few weeks, then release onto their property to ad some diversity to their land.