Rhode Island Red Bantam Chickens

An old-time, well known breed of American Chicken – Rhode Island Red Bantam Chickens

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The Rhode Island Red Bantam Chicken is the bantam variety of one of the most popular breeds of American Chickens. They are extremely productive as bantam chickens, and they are a deep bronze red color. Furthermore, their social personality and active dispositions make them a great pet and show bird. Also, they are a go-to breed for people interested in raising free-range chickens, has they have superb foraging abilities and strong resistance to illness.

They lay substantial numbers of bantam sized brown eggs, which are large and great for human consumption. The superior egg laying capabilities of Rhode Island Red Hens has spurred countless competitions at state fairs and 4-H clubs around the country. The Rhode Island Red Chicken is truly American in nature. Having been developed in Rhode Island from European ancestors, this breed has come to symbolize American Poultry.