Red Jungle Fowl Chickens

Perhaps the earliest domesticated chicken – Red Jungle Fowl Chickens

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The Red Jungle Fowl is esteemed as the original ancestor from which all varieties and bloodlines of domesticated chickens developed according to Charles Darwin. This breed is a little bit larger than Bantam chickens but smaller than most common chickens. The Red Jungle Fowl is perfect for free-ranging because it is a good flier and capable of evading predators.

The Red Jungle Fowl will not do well in confinement and prefers to roost in areas high off the ground. This breed is used for both meat production and egg production. The Red Jungle Fowl does not do well in cold climates and will require substantial cold protection during harsh winters. The Red Jungle Fowl Rooster will make the classic “cock-a-doodle-do” crow epitomized in popular culture.